Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CLRG 2014 World Championships

Irish Dancing World Medal Holders
London, UK
13-20 April, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Coleman School of Irish Dancing Feis 13th & 14th September

Venue Castlecourt Hotel, Westport, Mayo

New Venue this year - Stage will be provided

Saturday 13th September
Morning: All Grades
Afternoon:  Championships up to U9s
7pm:  Championships U17 & O18

Sunday 14th September
Championships U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15 & U16

Full Details to Follow

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All Scotland Championships In Irish Dancing 2015

Wednesday 4th to Sunday 8th February 2015 

  Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2, Sauchiehall Street Glasgow, G2 3NY 
The Championship Committee in association with the Scottish Regional Council are delighted to announce that the 2015 All Scotland Championships will again take place in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the same venue as last year. 

This will also be the secondary qualifying event for Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2015 for all dancers resident in Great Britain and Continental Europe. 

They are again offering Preliminary Championships which will run in conjunction with the Open Championships (Under 10 Championships upwards).  All Championships will also have 2 solo results (U6 has 3 Solo results).
Please read carefully the rules of eligibility for Preliminary Championships

Recalls will be the same percentage as Worlds, however we may extend to 50% if time and entries allow.

Championships this year will be judged by rotating panels, each panel consisting of one judge from GB, Ireland and “Rest of the World”. Dancers will therefore be judged by 9 adjudicators from the pool of 12.  
Moltóirí: Aisling Hillick-Grogan, ADCRG, Connacht, Ireland
Conor Hayes, ADCRG, Victoria Region, Australia
Eileen Plater, ADCRG, North West Region, England
Glenn Simpson, ADCRG, Eastern Canadian Region, Canada
Grainne Feely, ADCRG, Leinster, Ireland
Helen O'Loughlin, ADCRG, Southern Region, England
Maura Davidson, ADCRG, Ulster, Ireland
Michael J Smith, ADCRG, New England Region, USA
Pat Brady-Mullins, ADCRG, Munster, Ireland
Patrick O'Hare, ADCRG, Mid Atlantic Region USA
Sally Flood-Aitken, ADCRG, Scottish Region, Scotland
Stephen Masterson, ADCRG, Midlands Region, England 

Ceoltóirí: Brian O’Sullivan, Scotland – Gary Gurrie, Ireland Gerry Conlon, Scotland - Martin Daly, Scotland  Paul O’Donnell, Ireland - Seamus O’Sullivan, Scotland

Entry Deadline
Official entry form and fees must reach the Feis Secretary by Sunday, 30th November 2014  Cheques (Sterling) payable to “ All Scotland Championships ” Late entries with DOUBLE FEES will be accepted up until  7th December 2014  No Entries will be accepted after this date.  AGE TO BE TAKEN AS AT 1st JANUARY 2015

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Strengthen Ankles for Irish Dancing

 Latex resistance bands are used by dancers at all levels to target specific areas of the body that need strengthening. They can be used for rehabilitation exercising after injury and for ongoing strengthening of the ankles.   They are also very good for the preparation of en pointe work.
When you have an ankle injury......
1. Strengthening exercises should normally be performed once you can bear weight comfortably and your range of motion is nearly back to normal.
2. One of the simplest exercises to start with are the isometric exercises that you can do by pushing your ankle against an object that will not move.
For example....
Placing your foot against a fixed object such as a couch and pushing against it with the side of your foot. This can be done for each side of the foot.
3. Moving on to isotonic exercises which use your ankles range of motion along with some form of resistance.  Using resistance bands are a simple and easy way to complete isotonic exercises.  The band is considered low cost, it's light and easy to carry with you and store.
For ankles, a band of 2m in length will be suitable for most exercises and bands can easily be doubled to increase the resistance as required. 
4. Doing a simple strength training programme will help to build up the muscles around the lower leg and will provide some protection against injury. The stronger your muscles are the less likely you are to sprain or twist the ankle.

Some simple ankles exercises using a resistance band.......
5. Some simple ankle exercises using a resistance band which can be done up to 10 times each every day.
5.1  Tie the resistance band together to make circle, placing it under a stable piece of furniture, chair, bed or table leg.  Put the other end over your toes making sure the band is taut.  Move your toes towards you, hold and release.   Repeat with the other foot.
5.2  Tie the band together to make circle placing it under a stable piece of furniture, chair, bed or table leg.  Sit with your right side to the furniture put the band over your toes and sit far enough away to make sure the band is taut.  Move your foot to the left side as far as you can, hold and release your foot back to the centre.   Repeat with the other foot.
(Make sure its only your ankle that is moving and that your knee remains static and facing upwards)
5.3  Change sides, so that your left side is facing the furniture and repeat
Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise programme. The above text is for information purposes only.

Monday, July 28, 2014

All Ireland Dancing Championships 2014

Will be held on:
Saturday 25th to Thursday 30th October 2014

Citywest Hotel, Conference and Event Centre, Saggart, South County Dublin
Call + 353 1 401 0500 to book

This is an 'OPEN' event to all An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelach (CLRG) dancers

Sunday, July 27, 2014


All championships will have a different panel for each round
Each panel will comprise of 1 person from GB, Ireland and rest of World

The split will be: 4 GB, 4 Ireland, 4 Rest of Worlds.
Aisling Hillick-Grogan, Connacht, Ireland
Conor Hayes, Victoria, Australia
Eileen Plater, North West Region, GB
Glenn Simpson, Eastern Region, Canada
Grainne Feely, Leinster, Ireland
Helen O'Loughlin, Southern Region GB
Maura Davidson, Ulster, Ireland
Michael Smith, New England Region, USA
Pat Brady-Mullins, Munster, Ireland
Patrick O'Hare, Mid Atlantic Region, USA
Sally Flood-Aitken, Scottish Region, GB
Stephen Masterson, Midlands Region, GB